The Children’s Hospital Charity believes that young patients deserve to be treated with the best facilities in a hospital designed with children in mind. We go above and beyond the NHS provision providing children with the best chance of a healthy life.

Thank you for supporting Sheffield Children’s

It is vital that as a charity we are open, honest and transparent about where your money goes when you make a donation. We want you to feel confident that we’re spending your hard-earned money wisely, getting the best value possible when funding projects, equipment and research at Sheffield Children’s.

We appreciate every single gift we receive, and because we know the difference your donations can make, we work hard to ensure that not a penny is wasted. For every £1 you raise, approximately 74p is gifted to Sheffield Children’s to help where it is needed most, supporting the changing needs of the hospital. This figure varies year on year, but the more we raise together, the more support Sheffield Children’s receives.

Our commitment to you is that we use the money you raise wisely, ensuring every department including areas which are not front facing, have an equal opportunity to receive charitable funding when they need it. We’re very grateful that you have chosen to fundraise for The Children’s Hospital Charity as we can only carry on our vital work to support Sheffield Children’s NHS Foundation Trust with your support.

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